Memory Intervention Certificate Program

Program Overview

The Memory Intervention Certificate Program is designed to train psychologists and school psychologists in neuropsychological and evidence-based methods for assessment of various components of memory and intervention to improve memory, learning, and daily functioning in individuals with memory problems. The focus is on the treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults, ages 5 to 25, but the interventions can be applied to adults through middle age. Interventions are intended for clients with mild to severe memory deficits in working memory, long-term memory, or both. Clients may also include parents who will be trained to conduct memory exercises to employ with their children.

The program consists of two phases.

  • Instructional Units: Eight instructional units are delivered through pre-recorded webinars. Participants can access the eight learning modules at any time and progress through the program at their own pace. Once enrolled in the program, participants will receive an email confirmation that includes a username and password to access the training materials. Each of the eight instructional modules will include an online link to the webinar recording, downloadable lecture notes, and a review quiz. After viewing each webinar, participants will need to log into the website to complete the review quiz. After all webinars and review quizzes are completed, participants will progress to the Case Study phase of the program
  • Case Study: The case study portion includes three hours of online small group or individualized supervision. Participants will be required to demonstrate competency through a case presentation and a 50-item comprehensive multiple-choice exam. After a participant demonstrates competency by achieving passing scores on the case presentation and exam, they will be issued a certificate of completion along and 36 continuing education credits. Participants must complete both the instructional phase and the supervision phase of the training to obtain the CE credits. No partial credits are awarded.

Program Requirements

  • Watch all instructional webinars.
  • Obtain a grade of 80% or higher on each unit quiz and the final course exam.
  • Complete a comprehensive memory assessment and submit a formal psychological report.
  • Complete an intervention case study and submit written documentation.
  • Complete a program evaluation.

All requirements must be completed within one year of beginning training. A six-month extension is available for an additional fee.

Case Study Requirements

The purpose of the case study is to demonstrate competency in assessment and intervention of working memory and long-term memory.

  • The course exam must be completed before the case study assessment.
  • A one-on-one planning session with the clinical supervisor is required before beginning the assessment. The clinical supervisor must approve the case selected for assessment.
  • The case need not involve moderate or severe memory impairments. “Mild” memory deficits are acceptable, as long as at least one specific memory process is an intra-individual or normative weakness, as defined by Dr. Dehn.
  • The assessment report must meet acceptable standards for a professional psychological report. Recommendations for a memory report format will be discussed in webinars.

Specific assessment requirements:

  • The majority of the 13 memory processes in Dr. Dehn’s memory assessment model need to be tested or at least informally assessed.
  • If a recent memory assessment has been completed by a psychologist, it is not necessary to re-test processes already covered, but the results of the previous testing need to be analyzed with the MPA and re-interpreted from Dr. Dehn’s framework.
  • Use at least one comprehensive memory assessment.
  • Include a health and developmental history with an emphasis on risk factors.
  • Include an interview and observations.
  • Include assessment of metamemory and strategy development.
  • Use a multi-battery analysis using Dr. Dehn’s model and the MPA software.
  • The written report should follow the format recommended by Dr. Dehn in which each specific memory component is addressed by integrating data from all sources.

Specific intervention requirements:

  • Interventions should be completed with the same client used for the assessment.
  • Intervention should not begin until the assessment report has been approved.

Program Faculty


Case Study Consultants:

Cost of Programs

Training Program Costs

Training Program Individual Fees

Memory Intervention Course

per person

Memory Intervention Extension
(6 Months)

per person

Participants will have one year from the payment date to complete all program requirements.

Participants will have continued access to program content for up to one year after payment.

If participants do not finish the program requirements in a year, they may choose to pay a one-time six-month extension fee

Payment in full must be made prior to the start of the program. Checks, credit cards, and purchase orders are accepted.

Program Policies

The School Neuropsychology Institute is not responsible for the content within the CE Units unless otherwise noted. The presenter is responsible for content accuracy. The materials provided as part of the CE Units are protected by copyright and approval must be obtained from the School Neuropsychology Institute and the presenter before copying, distributing, or disseminating any of the content. The CE Units are intended for the express educational use of the participant.

Refund Policy

If a purchaser of the Memory Intervention Program is not satisfied with the content or encounters technical problems that prohibit the purchaser from accessing a pre-recorded webinar or lecture notes, they may ask for a full refund of the purchase price of the training program provided they have not completed any of the Units. Once a purchaser completes the first quiz, no refunds will be permitted.

The School Neuropsychology Institute is responsible for the webinar interface for delivery of the CE webinars and the maintenance of the CE certificates for 5 years from the completion of the CE course. CE purchasers are encouraged to download and store a copy of their CE Certificate of Completion to retain a permanent copy for their records. The School Neuropsychology Institute will make every effort to maintain a record of an individual's completed CE webinars and other company-sponsored training for 5 years from the completion of the course.

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